I can help you teach your baby how to sleep through the night so your whole family can finally enjoy feeling rested! Karolyn Kritikos, certified pediatric sleep consultant.

Ready to feel well-rested?

My name is Karolyn Kritikos, certified pediatric sleep consultant, founder of Sleep and Sensibility, and wife, mother, and fixer/finder of all the things for these great guys.

As a sleep expert who has helped numerous families develop healthy sleep plans, I have the very best tools and resources to ease your little one into no-fuss bedtime and naptime routines.

When you work with me, you'll get a detailed and personalized sleep plan for your child, along with follow-up support to help you stay the course when you're tempted to give up. I will guide, motivate, and assist you each step of the way. Think of me as your personal trainer for a good night’s sleep!

My fascination with sleep habits started years ago.

I was studying abroad in France and staying with a host family that had a six month old who slept through the night and napped without protest. In fact, bedtime was a pleasure. This was a mystery to me because as an American, I had the expectation that babies simply don't sleep well.

Curious, I asked my host mother how the peaceful sleep was possible. 

She smiled and said with ease, “French children learn to ‘do their nights.’'

No crying. No bribing. No bouncing. No tip toeing around...desperately hoping the baby won't wake several times throughout the night in need of another moonlit dance.

Personalized sleep training for babies and toddlers. Certified sleep consultant Karolyn Kritikos serves the greater Cincinnati Tristate area. Remote sessions available.

Eight years later I was pregnant with my first son.

One of the many books I read at that time was about an American woman raising her children in France.

As I read about her childrens' bedtime experiences and the way they "did their nights," I recalled my French host mother's wisdom.

And that sent me down a path to learn all I could about infants and sleep. I quickly discovered there are a ton of books that teach various sleep techniques and most of them contradict one another. It was confusing, to say the least.

Luckily, after lots of research I landed on a program that I felt comfortable with. It was based on common sense and actual science; and even better...it worked!


My first baby was extremely colicky...

And my other son, who was born 2 years later, seemed to want to nurse around the clock.

I adore my boys, but when they were babies, the days were long. By evening, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Getting up throughout the night on a consistent basis would've wrecked me, I'm sure of it.

By taking a few timely and consistent proactive steps, each of my boys started sleeping through the night and napping with predictability by three months. I even felt my confidence as a new parent improve.

I can't tell you how thankful I was to be fully rested and ready for each day's busy adventures! It was nice to have time to myself in the evening—to recharge or spend alone time with my husband—or just get uninterrupted time to do chores. Our home felt peaceful and our marriage felt nourished. Not to mention, my kids were thriving due to quality sleep, reliable structure, and happy parents.

How to create a sleep schedule for toddlers. Certified sleep consultant Karolyn Kritikos serves the greater Cincinnati Tristate area. Remote sessions available.

As a certified pediatric sleep consultant, it's my mission to give other parents and caregivers this gift too.

Bedtime doesn’t need to be a battle, I promise. And creating sleep structure doesn't have to leave you nervous and confused.

Once you understand your child's bedtime needs (and each child is different), you can create a sleep structure that is easy to adjust to and actually gives your little one a sense of security. My personalized approach is the key to sleep success!

Sleep is not a luxury. It's a necessary part of our wellbeing. 

Besides, life feels more magical when we're truly rested.

Are you ready to rise and really shine?