Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with babies?

No, I work with children up to age 8. I even encourage children over the age of 3 to be involved in the process to give them a sense of control and promote cooperation.

How long does it take to see results?

Depending on age, my packages range from two to three weeks, however, you should expect to start seeing positive results in as little as a few days. Some children adapt a bit more quickly than others. The development of healthy and independent sleep skills does take a little time and some adjustments may be needed to achieve success. We will always discuss goals and what is realistic for your child before starting.

Do you use the “cry it out” method?

No. I do not endorse the Cry It Out or Extinction Method. During which time children are left in their room and ignored completely. Attempting such a method would require little or no assistance from me. My methods; however, are comprehensive and ease your child through the transition while maintaining the parents’ active involvement. My method does involve some crying, and that is why coaching is so effecting. I tell you what to expect along the way. We will work together, making any adjustments necessary to make the plan gentle and effective as possible.

I don’t live near you; can you help me?

Yes! I offer full consultations by phone and virtually through Skype.

What if my child learns to sleep, but then suddenly starts waking again?

I will arm you with the tools to stay consistent. While you may face illness, or vacation, or other changes in your schedule that may have interfered with your sleep in the past; you will now have the skillset to prevent letting your hard work unravel. Sometimes clients need a little extra help down the road due to extensive travel, or general backsliding caused by illnesses or milestones. In these instances, you can schedule a refresher call. Typically, these kinds of issues can be solved with one call. One free call is included in your package for such an occasion.

Do you guarantee your services? What happens if I hire you and it doesn’t work?

I cannot guarantee my services because some of the results are out of my hands. Parents play a huge role in the success of the process. Both your commitment and follow through are necessary for success. I will do everything in my power to get you to your goal, but I cannot force you to follow through. Of course mistakes and misunderstandings happen from time to time, but these are easily corrected along the way as we stay in touch throughout the plan implementation. As long as you follow the customized advice I give you and truly want your child to sleep better, I will help you and your child reach the goals we outline in our initial meeting.

I have more than one child with sleep troubles, can you help me?

Of course! Whether you are a new parent, have five kids already, have multiples or a child with special needs, I can help you teach your child healthy and independent sleep skills. I just always ask that you consult your doctor before we start.

Do you have a nap package? My baby’s night time sleep is fine.

I do not have a specific nap package because I have found that daytime sleeping problems are usually linked to some underlying nighttime issues and a full consultation can be necessary to determine the root cause and develop a plan for correction. I am always happy to offer a quick free 15-minute assessment of your child’s sleep habits.