I love hearing how new sleep routines have made my clients lives happier & healthier!


"I wish we would have done it sooner."

Our family had a wonderful experience with Sleep and Sensibility.  Our son Kristopher was almost a year old when we started.  We made the decision to work with Karolyn because Kristopher was fighting bedtime and naps everyday.  It got to the point where bedtime was a 4 hour process with him only getting about 6 hours of sleep during the night and then less than an hour during the day.  Kristopher, myself and my husband were all exhausted and we knew we needed help to get him back on track.  Karolyn was able to get him on a schedule and he is now sleeping from 7:30pm-7:30am every night, without wakings and zero fussing before bed.  He is also napping 2 hours a day.  We saw progress almost immediately which made it easier to stick to the plan.  Karolyn was amazing through our entire experience.  She was always available and very supportive.  She was able to make changes to the plan when something wasn’t working for Kristopher and always encouraged us to stick with it.  The results were life changing for us and my husband and I wish we would have done it sooner.
-Megan Karigambe

"My kids are much happier during the day and they now realize that sleep is not a bad thing!"

At the point that I called Sleep and Sensibility, we were at our wits end with our bedtime routine for both our 5 and 2 year old.  The routine was taking 2 to 2.5 hours an evening and we found that it was affecting our family in a negative way.  Karolyn came in and gave us the tools that we needed to get our selves back on track.  She immediately engaged our children and provided us with a step by step guide specific to our family and our struggles.  She set ground rules and nightly goals.  Her approach has not only allowed us more family time as part of the bedtime routine but has allowed my spouse and I more time in the evenings to get things done and spend time together.  The entire family is not only sleeping better but working better as a team.  My kids are much happier during the day and they now realize that sleep is not a bad thing!  I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my family.  Amazing what a little sleep can do!!

-Jennifer Baker

"She set up a plan that was individualized for EACH of our twin boys "

Our twin boys were 6 months old and we were struggling. We are both physicians and have gone countless nights without sleeping….but caring for our own babies was a whole new challenge. They would only fall asleep in their swings and would wake up every 2-3 hours at night. We were sleep deprived and desperate for help. When our pediatrician said it was time to get them sleeping longer stretches for their own health and wellness, we knew we needed help. Thank goodness for Sleep and Sensibility and Karolyn. She set up a consultation almost immediately after I first contacted her. She listened to us sympathetically and with no judgement.  We were using so many little crutches for our babies: use of swings to sleep, pacifiers, feeding throughout the night just to put them back to sleep. She set up a plan that was individualized for EACH of our twin boys but that was simple and straightforward.

We were nervous that first night but knowing that we had Karolyn’s expertise and well-tested methods guiding us, we were confident.

After just 3 nights, our boys were fall asleep within 10min of putting them in their cribs. Within 2 weeks, they were BOTH sleeping soundly though the night (7pm-6ish am)! It was incredible how much of a difference a good night’s sleep made for our boys…they were eating better during the day, playing more and just overall happier. And we had our life back! We had evenings to ourselves again and were sleeping well at night. I don’t know where we would be without the sleep training. Karolyn even ensured we could use our methods while traveling, which has proven so helpful (we just took a family trip and our boys slept all night and napped great in our cramped hotel room…incredible!) We are so grateful for Karolyn and her program and recommend this to all parents, especially with twins.

-Lekshmi and Sunil Misra

"I am a very lucky adoptive mother."

I am the very lucky mother of a truly special little boy who I adopted at birth. It was very important to me to ensure that my son was receiving all the love and attention he needed from me so that we are continuing to bond and grow together as we have been. However, when my son was 6 months old I was noticing that he didn't seem to be getting enough sleep during the day and was still waking pretty frequently at night for a bottle. I could tell he needed some better sleep, but wasn't sure how to help him. I met Karolyn and we began working together. The customized plan fit our needs and we were successful at teaching my little guy to sleep through the night and take longer naps. Even my mother who helps me regularly was grateful for the new routine that left our little guy and us feeling more rested and confident at bedtime. Karolyn's regular telephone support truly made all the difference and was my favorite part of the plan. 

-Emily Schmidt

"He caught on very quickly and was falling asleep for naps independently within a few days. "

We began working with Karolyn once our second child was about 5 months old because his sleep was really suffering.  We had been co-sleeping for the most part from the beginning because with having a toddler in the home, this was the only way we could get rest. We knew we had to make a change once he began fighting the co-sleeping and waking up to ten times a night. 

Karolyn gave us the encouragement and confidence we needed to transfer our son to his crib and help him to learn independent sleep habits

By the second night he was already sleeping through the night on his own. He caught on very quickly and was falling asleep for naps independently within a few days.  One important thing Karolyn helped us to navigate through the process was staying at Nana’s house once a week.  This was challenging at first, but she walked us through how to keep enough consistency with the program so that he could have a restful night of sleep there too.  I was really fond of Karolyn’s flexibility and never pushing me into something that was uncomfortable to me. She allowed me to modify to what worked best for our family and needs and we are all sleeping better now.”

-Katie Fischer

"Our daughter started falling asleep on her own, and putting herself back to sleep, quickly..."

“I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Karolyn. Finding her was apropos – she was exactly who we needed, when we needed her. Our little girl needed help to sleep on her own after months of bedsharing. It was a process we were not wanting to attempt on our own. From the first time we spoke, I knew Karolyn was going to be the person to help us along the way. She had no judgements, and as a mom herself, understood the emotions that come with such a process. Karolyn was there every step of the way: from gathering all important information to get a clear picture of our situation, to preparing a plan that would work for our family, to troubleshooting and daily support along the way. The process was still hard on a mama’s heart, but with the help of Karolyn,

we felt like we weren’t alone and we understood why it was so important to get our daughter quality sleep.

Our daughter started falling asleep on her own, and putting herself back to sleep, quickly in the process. We are so happy to be a success story of Karolyn’s. We know she truly cared about our daughter, our family, and we believe we could not have done it without her. We tell our friends with children all about her!”


"Karolyn made the whole process very easy for us."

It was a pleasure working with Sleep and Sensibility. Karolyn made the whole process very easy for us, from initial contact to the implementation of the plan she developed for us, she was instrumental in helping us establish a sleep regimen for our son. Throughout the process, she was extremely responsive to our questions and feedback. She was committed and focused on helping us and truly a pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with the results and are thrilled to have such an easy-going sleep routine now. I would highly recommend Sleep and Sensibility to other sleep-deprived parents out there who need a little help, Karolyn is a great coach!

-Shannon Berry

"There are so many ways this experience has been a huge blessing to our family."

“Micah had not slept through the night in his 17 months of life and we were exhausted to say the least. With much trepidation and many tears I entered this “last chance” solution to solve the issue of his lack of sleep. Many months of little and broken sleep made me nervous to try yet another sleep training that involved hours of gut-wrenching screams. But with Karolyn’s thoughtful sleep plan we started the first few nights by staying in his room.

She eased us into the training and made needed adjustments to our plan to fit Micah’s and our needs.

By the 12th night or so he was sleeping through the night and napping regularly with little protest! Not only was this in itself a huge answer to prayer, but also a great blessing as we faced the biggest challenge of our lives just days later. My husband endured an unexpected heart problem that began with a traumatic episode and landed him in the hospital for 5 nights and 6 days. During this time our 4 children were cared for by family and friends. Even through the stress and confusion of being passed from place to place and from person to person, Micah was able to remain on his sleep schedule despite being put to bed by other people and even napping in other homes two different days. The amount of stress that would have been added during this crisis had Micah not been sleeping would have been unbearable. We are so grateful and thankful to Karolyn for her knowledgeable guidance and compassionate support that has transformed our nights from chaos to peace and our days from exhaustion to wakefulness!”

-Krissy Richard

"The Nursing relationship with my daughter was especially important to me"

“Our daughter basically nursed every 2-3 hours around the clock, day or night, she needed me to be able to fall asleep. By 8 months I couldn’t keep it up and needed some decent rest so that I could be the kind of mom and wife I wanted to be during the day. Karolyn helped us develop a plan that worked for both our daughter and myself and one that my husband was able to play a big role in too. The nursing relationship with my daughter was especially important to me and maintaining that relationship throughout this process was essential. I wanted to help her learn how to sleep on her own in the most nurturing way possible without actually doing it for her.

Karolyn took all of my feelings and concerns into consideration and really helped to guide our family through the process from start to finish.

It was great to be able to ask her all the little questions that came up each day as we worked together, it really helped me to feel better about what we were doing and I didn’t second-guess myself as much as I usually do as a first-time-mom. I would recommend Karolyn to any family that is trying to get their little one to sleep on their own, that doesn’t have time to sit and read a book about sleep training, and wants to find a better way to lead their child to sleep.”

-Kelsey Wabler

"Now he is quiet and happy more often."

"Thank you so much for all of your help. Mustafa is doing so much better. He really was crying all the time before. Now he is quiet and happy more often. I think it has really helped that he is sleeping more. I am really happy with his new sleeping pattern. Thank you for your help. It has really made life easier!"

Thanks again,


"Within 10 days our family was sleeping through the night!"

"Karolyn developed a night and nap sleep schedule including the nutritional and developmental needs for our baby girl. More importantly she was a resource and support system for our family while our daughter (and my wife) adjusted to their new schedules and ultimately got the sleep they needed.  It was amazing that within 10 days our family was sleeping through the night! For any family in search of help getting their baby sleeping better and to improve overall family well-being, I would strongly recommend Karolyn’s services."

-Ted Wabler