dropping naps

Is your child ready to stop napping?

Is your child ready to stop napping?

Learn the three factors to consider when deciding to drop nap time for your toddler. This can be a tough decision because after all, you depend on nap time to get a few things done and have a moment of peace to yourself. But there does come a time when your toddler is ready to let it go. Here's how to know when that it is...

Karolyn Kritikos

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant
I’m on a mission to help parents and caregivers reclaim their energy, time, patience, and emotional well-being by eliminating daily sleep-time drama. Through my personalized consultations and classes, I’ve helped hundreds of families create positive and sustainable sleep routines for their little ones. No matter where you live, if your kids aren’t sleeping (and you feel exhausted), I can help.


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